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Jaguars AAU Mission Statement and Goals

Mission Statement

The Jaguars recognize that basketball is only one facet of a young person’s life. Our mission is to be a memorable part of their journey by providing a healthy and safe environment where confidence in their athletic abilities can soar; they can hone their basketball skills, while enjoying the camaraderie of their fellow teammates and coaches and the thrill of playing a competitive game of basketball. As an organization we do not emphasize basketball as the number one priority over other areas of our young athletes’ lives. Our commitment is to complete the personal growth of our players.


  • To become the premiere AAU organization for Youth Basketball in the Western Montgomery and northern Chester County areas.
  • To develop each player's character by teaching the value of teamwork and sportsmanship through the game of basketball.
  • To provide players with knowledge of the game by obtaining an excellent coaching staff who use instruction and techniques that are designed to improve skills and enable players to compete at a high level.
  • To foster an atmosphere where working hard towards a common goal and achieving your potential are intertwined.
  • To prepare players both athletically and academically so they are ready to advance to the next level of play or stage of life.
  • To improve the quality of play for all PAC-10 varsity teams.
  • To assist highly skilled players in obtaining college scholarships or financial aid.